Monday, March 12, 2007

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

No, I don't mean Christmas (although that is a wonderful time), and I don't even mean the holy season of Lent, which we find ourselves in the midst of right now. In fact, what I'm referring to is that magical time of the year--one month only-- when Shamrock Shakes are on sale at McDonald's! Normally, thanks to a recent change in our lifestyle away from fatty foods, Kelly and I avoid Mickey D's like crazy, but there's just something about the siren song of the Shamrock Shake that pulls me in--the rich, creamy texture; the way it cools your tongue as it slithers down your throat; the minty freshness of it's flavor--they all entice and intrigue me so, and have done since I was but a wee lad.

Of course, it all comes about because this is also the time of year when we celebrate the great Saint Patrick, the patron of our Irish (Scots-Irish, really) ancestors. He took the faith of Jesus Christ to the people of Ireland, and routed out all the snakes, to boot. His example, of picking up, leaving a life of luxury, and heading for a place where he was once held captive in order to spread the gospel is an inspiration to every pastor or priest who's ever had to pack up and move to a new locale (as we have done recently).

So, drive to your nearest purveyor of the grease, order a 2 for $3.00 fish sandwich deal, and wash it down with a nice cold one--a Shammy Shake, that is! Happy St. Patrick's Day--may the luck of the Irish be with you!

May you have love that never ends,
lots of money, and lots of friends.
Health be yours, whatever you do,
and may God send many blessings to you!
--Irish Blessing

Dia dhuit,
God Be With You,


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