Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Brother, Can You Spare an Autoharp?

Looking for an autoharp--

Anybody got one?

An autoharp is a stringed musical instrument which uses chord bars (wooden bars lined with felt) to block off certain strings, leaving a certain combination of strings open. When these strings are strummed or picked, they then form a chord--the chord printed on the bar you just pressed!

There are many very skilled autoharp players (the older folks might remember Mrs. Carter's autoharp, and others may recall June Carter Cash's proficiency at the 'harp), but it can also be useful for folks like me, who love the music making but have trouble making chords on traditional stringed instruments.

So, I'm looking for an autoharp. I want to use it for storytelling, accompanying small groups in singing hymns, and personal use. Let me know if you have one, and if you'd be willing to part with it for a reasonable price.

Strumming the strings of my heart,


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