Monday, August 20, 2007

Back on the Information Superhighway!

After a long hiatus, I am back on the web! The computer I use in my office crashed at the end of June, and I haven't blogged since then. I finally got the approval to buy a new lap top, and just got it this weekend. I'll be more dilligent now about blogging, since I have the equipment to do it. (And yes, I know I could have blogged from home, but it was so much harder to remember to do that when I had to walk that 100 yards between the office and the parsonage to get on the computer--and when I was borrowing a computer from someone else in the office, I tended to do what absolutely had to be done, and get out of there.)

But, I'm back now, after a nice summer vacation, and an excellent VBS at church this year. Looking forward to the fall, and to our planning day at church this Saturday.

Well, lunch calls. I'll write more later.

Feeling peckish,

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