Monday, November 19, 2007

Social Justice and the Internet

Recently, while watching my daily dose of CNN, I came across a story about how Yahoo (my default search engine, and the web page my browser automatically opens up to) may have helped the Chinese government put a journalist in jail, by giving the government information from this person's Yahoo account and activity. (See story here.)

This turn of events leads me to ask the question--how can a person who seeks to live a life after the example of Christ, and who is concerned about social justice, participate in, subscribe to, or do business with an organization or business that seems to take an off-hands approach to issues of social justice? For that matter, how can one not do business with corporations or companies that seem to not care about issues of social justice? It seems like so many companies have gotten so big that they can't keep tabs on all their sub-contractors and regional offices. How can we be sure that every company we do business with is socially responsible? The answer (sadly), is that we cannot. We may be able to win moral victories now and then (I have stopped using Yahoo), but changing the world will have to be a "long term" goal on our agenda.

Sounds hopeless, doesn't it? It should, because individual efforts often are. Together, though, and with the help and power of God, we may be able to make a difference in the long run.

God bless the renegade journalists, and those who support and aid them,


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