Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas. . .

I must admit I've been feeling a little Grinchy lately--all the trappings and trimmings, ribbons and bows, noise and traffic have been getting the best of me. Add to that the fact that the days are short and the dark comes on quickly, and it's made for a bit of a slump--spiritually and emotionally. Plus, I've got a cold--something that inevitably happens just before the BIG DAY every year.

Today, I've been feeling a little better--we're coming down to the wire for the Chrsitmas Eve services at church, and I'm geared up for worship tomorrow. Now I just want to focus on watching the kids have a great holiday, and remembering the true reason for the season--naps.

Yes, I know that the birth of Christ is important, but the ability to take some time off and actually be able to nap is a rare thing indeed. So, I'm looking forward to some R&R time, which should remove some of the Grinchies from me.

Tonight as I lead the congregation in worship, I resolve to remember that it is the message of this night that keeps me (and them) coming back, year after year, to that lousy stable in Bethlehem, to stand in the cold night air and marvel once again at the fact that God has come among us--not as a king or a ruler, but as one who is in need of a diaper change. God is in the helpless, the homeless, the hopeless, the distraught. God is in the Grinches. God is in the ribbons and the bows, the trees and the trimmings. God is in you. God is in me. Thank God for that--it's the only thing that keeps me going, some days.

Merry Christmas, and God Bless Us, Every One,


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