Monday, February 11, 2008

Being Sick Is No Fun

You name it, and our family has probably had it in the last couple of weeks--sicknesses galore!

I think we may finally be getting back on an even keel, though Kelly is still feeling a little queasy from the last bout of stomach stuff that she had.

Being sick and in bed reminds you of what's truly important in life--being able to hold your head upright, washing, keeping food down--things like that. It also gives you lots of time to reflect. Too bad I didn't do that. I played computer games instead (and watched primary/caucus results when they were available).

So, let this be a lesson for all of us--if you get sick, use your time wisely. Don't play computer games like I did; or, maybe your getting sick is God's way of reminding you to slow down, and that you need to try to beat your high score on Gem Blaster.

Be Well,


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