Monday, April 28, 2008

Hope for the Future of Africa. . .And, a little slice of Cowtown

Today, I sat in the plenary hall as the "Hope for the Children of Africa" Choir from Uganda practiced for a "celebration moment." Just a year ago, these twenty four children were orphaned and in extreme poverty. Now, they have been given food, clothing, a safe place to live, and a quality education. And, they have been able to travel to this country, to share their beautiful voices and smiling faces with all of us. I cried as I listened to them, both during their rehearsal and during their performance. Their beautiful faith in Jesus Christ, who has meant freedom and a new life for them, touched me in a way I have not been touched in a long time. As I listened, I imagined my own two children, and how lucky they are to have a mother and a father, a home and a school nearby, and safety, food, and love in abundance. How lucky we all are in the U.S., and how complacent we become, when we take for granted all the blessings that God has given us. How blessed we are when we can realize the gifts God gives us--the simple things in life. I pray that the delegates got as much hope from this experience as I did. Maybe the memory of that moment will help them to make the wise decisions that are needed from them at this time in our church history.

A clip of the choir can be found by clicking here (The video is about halfway down the page).

On a different note, a group of us from the Marshal and Page corps went to the Fort Worth Stockyards tonight for some "Cowtown Culture" and a good steak. We accomplished both of these, first by taking a look-see around (I'm hoping that Mary K sends me a copy of the picture of all of us in front of the cattle pens--if she does, I'll post it), and then by going to dinner at Riscky's Steakhouse. Gooooooood eats! Everyone at the MacDonald house (barring the dogs and the cat) now has a souvenir, and I'm happy to have gotten the chance to see this interesting part of Texas.

Long day ahead tomorrow. The President of Liberia is coming to Conference, and there will be lots of work to do to welcome her.

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mkpb said...

You should have received the link to the pictures. -- And, I'm so honored to be mentioned by name in your blog. :)