Thursday, April 03, 2008

New Member of the Family

No, we're not expecting a baby!

Actually, we adopted a new "baby" to our family, in the form of a furry friend. He's about three months old, a collie/retriever mix, and he just showed up in the church parking lot about a week ago. We put an ad in the paper looking for his family, but no responses were forthcoming. We figure that he was probably dumped in the park by someone who either couldn't (or wouldn't) take care of him.

He's really cute, and we call him "Cheese." (Get it? Mack and Cheese!)

Potty training is going pretty well--he is down to only one or two accidents a day, depending on how observant we are!

Pictures will be posted as soon as we can get him to sit still long enough to get one that isn't a big blur.

Meanwhile, Mack and Tiger Lilly (especially Tiger) are going through the difficult process of accepting another fuzzy member of the family.

Covered in shed fur,


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DogBlogger said...

Awww... congratulations!

Hopefully we'll see each other in Ft. Worth.