Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanks to All Who Voted

The caption poll has closed, but I want to thank all those (all ten of you) who voted. It looks like "Bishop Palmer as Al Roker" has won the clear majority, with 70%. There will be a new poll up shortly. Please vote early and often.

By the way, I saw Bishop Palmer up close last night (I was a "stage page" again), and he really doesn't look all that much like Al Roker in person--in fact, he has mustache, which I had not noticed before, that makes him look distinctly un-Roker like. Oh well, it was still pretty funny!

Yours photogenically,


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Anonymous said...

Mr. Blogger,
I wish to make an amendment to that Blog unless their is already a motion to table the Blog until it can be referred to a sub committee to study for four years the feasibility of placing the Blog on the calendar for debate.
To do so, you must be prepared to fully describe cow tipping and the difference between a cow, a steer and a bull.
Take care,
<(+(< Moppy