Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Post Ordination Wrap-up

I know, it's been a long time since ordination!

Problem is, I usually blog at the office, and my ordination pictures are all on the computer at home--sometimes that can be the longest hundred yards in the world when it comes to getting something from over there over here, and vice versa.

Here are some pics from the conference website. Check out the Retirement and Commissioning Service to see me receiving the mantle from Liz Spiker. The ordination service pictures have some nice shots, including several angles where you can see my bald spot prominently. And, the Wednesday afternoon business session has one picture of me doing a report for the Urban Ministry Team. As Aunt Sara has wisely stated, "Why not just cut down the whole tree. . ."

Ordination was a very moving experience for me. To be surrounded by so many who love and care for me, who have supported me through these many years, and who continue to support me in ministry was truly an honor. It was also very moving to have the Bishop place his hands on my head and call down the Holy Spirit to enable me to do the work I do. "Take authority" are the words the Bishop speaks to every Elder, while placing the stole around the neck. Those words--and that garment--come with some heavy-duty responsibility. I pray that I will continue to have the strength, by the grace of God, to fulfill those obligations.

As soon as Kelly e-mails me some pictures, I'll post them here.

In the meantime, I am gearing up for a week of vacation next week--just the kids and me, since Kelly will be going to "The Promised Land" (also known as the Usborne home office in Tulsa, Oklahoma) for her national convention.

While I've got the attention of about three people in the world, let me ask a favor: Please keep my friend, David Rittgers, and his family in your prayers. David is the pastor of one of our new church starts, "The Orchard Path." He just started on July 1, has no congregation, and his wife is serving as the church secretary. Keep them in your prayers, that they might be able to reach many people with the message of Jesus' love.

In Christ,


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