Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Back to School"

It's back to school time, which used to be a time of great excitement to me as a child--for the first few weeks. Then, when we got into the daily grind of school work, it became less and less exciting. Since we haven't really had anyone in our immediate family who was a "school kid" the last several years, this time of year has not meant much to me. Until now.

Rebecca starts Kindergarten on Tuesday (the fourth of September), and believe me, we can hardly wait! She is currently bouncing around the house involving herself in all sorts of "projects" to keep her busy until the big day arrives. Currently, she is making a "centerpiece" for Kelly's birthday celebration on Friday. Let me tell you, we will all be glad when this pent-up energy is able to find a release in school work!

It is a happy time, though, to see your kids growing up. I thought I might be sadder than this--and I may yet be--but I'm really glad that Rebecca is beginning to make her own way in the world. Soon, she will have all the wonders of reading, writing, and learning at her fingertips, and she will be able to begin to discover on her own the answers to all the questions she has about the world.

Maybe we all need to go "back to school" every now and then. Maybe there's still something for us all to learn--about the world, about ourselves, and about God. Maybe "back to school" is every day that we wake up and take another step on this journey called existence.


Happy Back to School,


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Anonymous said...

I know that Rebecca will be as excited about school as her Daddy always was. Like him, she has a mind that soars beyond the ordinary. What fun it will be to see her grow and develop and become a scholar. We will all learn with her.